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Can I book? Both Venues are walk-ins only currently, so just head down and we will get you seated.

Do you have disabled access? Yes, all the ground floor is accessible including a toilet, there is a small step on entry but we have a fold out ramp behind the entrance doors.

Where are you located? We are on Swan Bank in Congleton (just look for the huge pineapples on the side of the building) Our postcode is: CW12 1AH

If you have any special requirements just send us an email.
Unfortunately we no longer serve food.

Post 7pm FAQ

Do we operate a dress code? 
Yes, we know this is a difficult rule to set and we do make a decision based on individual appearance, we can't make promises over the phone or DM’s so we advice you dress to impress  and if you look the part on the night you shouldn't have a problem.

We don't allow: After 7pm Fridays & Saturdays (and peek holiday dates) - no sportswear including the following jogging bottoms/tops, tracksuit bottoms/tops, hoodies, sport style trainers (vans / converse are fine), sport branded T-shirts (large branded logos), all stone island items, all caps to be removed, no football/rugby tops. Management reserve the right to refuse entry to any persons.

What ID do we accept? We only allow entry with an in-date passport, driving license, PASS ID card. (Any fake or misuse of ID will result in the ID getting seized and passed over to the local authority) - We operate challenge 25, if you look under 25 and are unable to provide proof of age on entry then it will result in refusals (this applies past 7pm Fridays & Saturdays)

Will I be searched? We do operate random searching in the interest of customer safety. We operate a zero tolerance on drugs and anyone caught with possession will be ejected from the venue and reported to the local authorities.

Ive left something at the venue, how can I get it back? We advise you call after 12pm the next day and speak to the team, we will keep all items for a minimum of 30 days, past then items will be donated to charity shops. Call 01260 400101 - please give as much info as possible.


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6-8 Swan Bank, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1AH


6-8 Swan Bank
CW12 1AH